2019 and focusing on some big plans

Having had another fantastic year, a glorious Christmas, and very happy New Year. We are back and ready to tackle 2019, and all that entails.

Our continued and close relationship with Taishan will go from strength to strength this year. Our shipment of the equipment from Doha will arrive in the next week, following substantial delays with the event close down and customs issues. Our connections to many clubs also becomes closer with every collaboration, and many more to come this year.

We're working on some big projects with some big names in the field of Gymnastics, and cant wait to unveil them when the time comes.

As ever, we remain committed to supplying good quality equipment, that does what it says it can at a reasonable price. With the official UK distribution rights to Taishan, we're able to extend to far more than we could before, and still maintain our original vision.

Tiashan is a world force in many areas of sport, all levels of competition and  equipment; with their track record of events including numerous Summer Olympics Games, World Championships in multiple disciplines and other high level regional sporting events around the world, we can bring that quality and experience to the UK and Europe.

Taishan had a fantastic Artistic World Gymnastic Championships this year in Doha, with the aw-inspiring performances on many pieces of their equipment. A long awaited come back from Simone Biles, and the truly fantastic performances by the US, Chinese, and the worlds other very best teams, making this year another fantastic event.

The UK and Gymnastics in Great Britain is alive and well, and did a brilliant job with our fantastic representative at the Youth Olympic Games in Rio, the teams at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and the Worlds in Doha, with both men's and women's teams, and we truly look forward to the run into the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Our ambassador program will grow again this year, with supporting more talented individuals in their sport, and helping them achieve their dreams.