Air Products

Our signature air products have fantastic potential. These air products are made just for us, and to our demanding specification. Some features not seem with anyone else in the market.

All products are hand made with care, not machine made using the heat sealing method. Every product is inflated and tested before it leaves the factory.

Our Velcro is first stitched to the PVC and then attached using adhesive to the body of the product. Neatly shaped around teh seam, not simple stuck over the surface like so many.

Every effort is made to make each product the very best it can be.

For the tracks, beams and pods, our top and bottom materials are 0.85mm thick double wall PVC fabric, and have 1000 pits per square meter. The threads are arranged in pairs for each pit and are 1000 denier each thread. Our side walls are 0.9mm thick PVC.

All products are hand made and attached using adhesive, not heat seal (which can damage the drop stitch material).

Some air track are 500 drop stitch material and made using the heat seal method. These are not as durable and long lasting. All of ours are 1000 drop stitch, 1000 denier threads, and solvent welded construction.

The 2 year construction warranty is handled in close op-operation with the manufacturing company in China.

We're positive that this range will make a fantastic and exciting addition to any gymnast, tumbling, acrobatic and active persons equipment collection.

If you have any questions please let us know.

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