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Inflatable air pit and blower.

Our air pit is a perfect addition to any club or serious gymnastics and tumbling enthusiast. It should be stressed that unsupervised use is not recommended, and it's strongly advised that suitable supervision is always present.

This air pit must have a constant air supply, so the blower must stay turned on while in use.

The outside dimensions of the mini pit are 2.5m wide and 2.5m long, the sides are 1m high, the base is also inflatable and 250mm deep. We recommend 200 foam logs for this air pit.

The larger pit dimensions are 3m wide and 4m long, the sides are 1.0m high, the base is also inflatable and is 250mm deep. We recommend 700-800 foam logs for this air pit.

There are Velcro strips along the entrance to allow attachment with our air products and to help stop the pit moving around when attached.

There's an adjustment baffle on one side to enable air to escape and allow it to act more like an air pillow. With the baffle closed it is firm and when open, the air escapes when landed on. The blower then re-inflates the pit in just a few seconds.

The air pit packs up into its storage bag approx 400mm diameter and 500mm tall. The weight of the mini pit is approx 25kg, with the larger one approx 45kg. The blower approx 7kg.

The blower can be positioned on either side of the pit and can be deflated at the end of a session with the foam still inside. We choose logs as they tend to stay in the pit and not roll away like cubes do.

The air pit comes without foam logs, which are available separately in our store.

Delivery of air pits is subject to availability.

Please ask about our current stock levels. We also have foam logs and socks too.



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Air pit
Air pit
Air pit
Air pit
Air pit
Air pit

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