About us

Exercisebars was born out of a love of being outdoors, and not wanting to train indoors when the weather is fine.

From a love of fitness and being active and a keen interest in body weight training and gymnastics, a line of simple functional products for the affordable market was launched.

We’d love every child (and adult) to have access to reasonable priced, rugged equipment for their own space.

Few people have enough indoor space to use as a gym, but many have outdoor spaces that are under used.

Make play a part of sport, or just encourage children and adults to be more active, that’s the goal, but above all else have fun.


Who is "exercisebars"?

Backed up by a Ltd engineering company, the Exercisebars web site and social media pages are an outlet for an assured line of products that have a purpose, and that purpose is to make sure its customers can have an affordable but simple product of their own.


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You can contact us at info@exercisebars.co.uk