Foam Log for pits (qty 100)


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Foam logs are normally blue and grey, but do come in different colours, and use different densities of foam in assorted packs of 100.

Log size 100x100x500mm. Listing is for 100 logs.

Delivery of pits foam is approximately 4 - 6 weeks subject to availability. Please ask about our current stock levels, and if ordering with a pit about delivery options.

Our air pit is a perfect addition to any club or serious gymnastic and tumbling enthusiast. It should be stressed that unsupervised use is not recommended, and it's strongly advised that suitable supervision is always present.

If your looking to rent an air pit for a short period, please let us know.



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Foam Log for pits (qty 100)
Foam Log for pits (qty 100)
Foam Log for pits (qty 100)