X-trax Air Track


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Low cost, simple air track with bag and pump included.

A tumbling track of any size will help develop confidence and assist with the ability to repeat skills over and over, with less fatigue than simply training on mats.

Current stock delivery is expected to be end of July 2020.

It will allow you to jump higher, giving you more precious airtime to work on technique.

Size: 3m long, 1m wide and 10cm thick

Key Features:

  • 1 yr manufacturing warranty
  • Grey top
  • Grey sides
  • Grey middle line for orientation
  • Two black handles on long sides
  • One standard pump port
  • Inflation port on the side so no chance of landing on them
  • Can be placed on the carpet, gym floor or outdoors on grass
  • Pressure is easily customised in seconds
  • Easily portable
  • Comes with a repair kit, hand pump and carry bag


    • 1000 Denier, Double Wall Fabric (DWF) professional material for air products
    • Our top DWF is reach certified
    • DWF is made of 2 layers of coated fabric connected to each other by thousands of small treads 1000 denier thick
    • The surface is completely flat
    • The pressure can easily be adapted to your weight and level of skill

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    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track
    X-trax Air Track